Where are the specimens sourced?

Most of our specimens are sourced from small farmers from developing countries, we work with lots of communities to help sustain their livelihood and produce a means to thrive.

None of the specimens we sell are extinct or endangered on the CITES list.

How will you package my order?

We have been sending specimens all over the world since 2008, with such experience we have learned exactly how to protect a specimen during what can be a rough journey at times from us to you.

All of our specimens are cleverly packaged with more than adequate recyclable padding and protection, we use larger cardboxes for more fragile specimens and skulls, rest assured we’ve been doing this since 2008, we have mastered the art.

Will I receive an mounted or unmounted specimen?

All specimens are unmounted unless stated otherwise.

Can you send me a specimen with a specific attribute? (colour, size, shape?)

Of course! simply add a note whlist checking out if you’d like a specific colour or size of the specimen you are purchasing, we will do our best to meet your request!

Are the specimens safe to handle?

Yes, each specimen has been carefully disinfectacted, dried and sprayed with a preserving solution, they will last a long time, all we recommend is keeping it away from direct sunlight or moist areas.