Natural Lucky Rabbit Foot With Organza Bag

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*Colors vary due to the nature of this item

In some cultures, the foot of a rabbit is carried as an amulet believed to bring good luck.

This belief is held by individuals in many parts of the world including Europe, China, Africa, and North and South America. It is likely that this belief has existed in Europe since 600 BC among Celtic people.

It is widely believed that a rabbit’s foot possesses power to bring good luck to its holder. This is believed to have stemmed from the pre-Celtic tradition of hunter clans rite of passage for their adolescent members.

These young males were first introduced to hunting rabbits, as an introduction to his apprenticeship as a hunter. If they were successful, one of the hind feet of the rabbit was presented to them in a ceremony which would welcome them to manhood within the clan.

● Genuine Rabbit’s Foot.

● Approximately 7cm.
● Weight: 10g Approx

Package Contents:

1 Lucky Rabbit’s foot.
Please note, that sizes may vary slightly as they are all authentic.

Note: This item in no way contravenes the 1981 wildlife & countryside act.


This foot comes from the European Common Rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus), which is not an endangered or threatened species and is not protected by Schedule 5 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act or Annex A of the EU Wildlife Trade Regulations. The Common Rabbit is classed as a pest in the UK.

Please note that no rabbit has lost it’s life for the purpose of making these keychains.

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