Pre-Historic Carachama Armored Catfish (Pseudorinelepis genibarbis) Peru

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Excellent quality taxidermy, beautiful grey colour.

Please note – you may receive one that is slightly different and it is possible that some bits of the specimen may require regluing due to the nature of the specimen (dried/varnished/fragile).

We will do our utmost to ensure as safe arrival as possible by providing adequate protection.

Approximately 20cm.

Carachama (Psendorinelepis genibarbis) is a type of freshwater species that belongs to the Siluriformes group, commonly called “”catfish””. This fish is native to the Amazon basin, and can therefore be found from Brazil up until Peru.

The unusual shape of the carachama, along with its remarkable adaptability, have allowed this species to survive up until this day.
In Peru, this fish is highly diffused in the Peruvian Selva region, in the Loreto, Ucayali and San Martin Departments.

During the wet season, it lives in the marshlands and in canals that form along the main waterways of the Peruvian Amazon rivers, such as the Madre de Dios which originates from the Cordillera Tres Cruces, approximately 4000 metres above sea level.

The carachama fish prefers swampy, shallow areas that are rich in vegetation and organic, decomposing residue. It is a night fish defined as xylophagous, or rather which mainly feeds off woody substances and insects that it finds inside wood.

These species are not protected under any law and are not part of CITES, it is perfectly legal to own this taxidermy specimen.

Sourced in accordance within the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

For your peace of mind:

All our specimens are either captive bred or from sustainable sources. Your purchase helps conserve wildlife habitat for farming insects in third world countries. We do not sell endangered species or species taken from the wild.

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