GIANT Phasmid Orthomeria superba Shadow Box Framed

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GIANT Phasmid (Orthomeria superba)

This GIANT Phasmid Orthomeria superba is an impressive sight. Beautifully mounted in a shadow box frame, it makes for a unique and fascinating piece of taxidermy art. Whether you’re a nature lover or just looking for something unique, this mount is sure to impress.

Every single one framed specimens is spread and hand mounted with great care by Maddie who is our resident framer.

Gift wrapped in recyclable white kraft paper & tied with a lovely black ribbon.

Other gift wrapping options available upon request (contact us prior to ordering)

A GIANT Phasmid mounted in a natural wood construction, professionally made with care from Devon.

Our frame is made from a natural wood construction, with a 99% UV blocking glass to ensure the protection of your display. Each specimen is mounted on a 300 GSM white stock background which includes a black print of both the scientific and common name printed below the specimen.

The frame can either be self standing or mounted using the invisible wall mount on the back.

Frame Specifications:

Natural wood construction
Deep shadow box frame
Glass front
Metal hook on the back for easy and secure wall hanging if desired.

18 cm x 18 cm x 3cm (approximate)

Grown in the heart of Indonesia, this gorgeous specimen is an excellent piece for any collector/photographer.

Latin name: Orthomeria superba

Approximate length: 90mm

Sex: M

Excellent specimen and of A1 quality, cleverly packaged to ensure safe arrival.

Photograph size does not indicate the insects’ actual size, and color may vary slightly due to photographic equipment lighting.

Please note, due to the nature of this item, the specimen which you will receive may differ slightly.

More species available in store!

These species are not protected under any law and are not part of CITES, it is perfectly legal to own this taxidermy specimen.
Sourced in accordance within the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981

For your peace of mind:

All our specimens are either captive bred or from sustainable sources. Your purchase helps conserve wildlife habitat for farming insects in third world countries. We do not sell endangered species or species taken from the wild.

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