RED Draco Flying Lizard
RED Draco Flying Lizard

RED Draco Flying Lizard

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Taxidermy Red Draco Flying Lizard SP

From the heart of Indonesia, this gorgeous specimen is an excellent piece for any collector/photographer.

In A1 condition, will be packaged accordingly to ensure a safe arrival.

Country of origin: Indonesia

Please note, this specimen may have a very strong smell which will fade over time.

Excellent for collectors & photographers!

Approximately 18CM in length (size varies, depending on specimen)

Please note, due to the nature of this item, the specimen which you will receive may differ slightly.

These species are not protected under any law and are not part of CITES, it is perfectly legal to own this taxidermied insect.

For your peace of mind:

All our insects are either captive bred or from sustainabe sources. Your purchase helps conserve wildlife habitat for farming insects in third world countries. We do not sell endangered species or species taken from the wild.